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The Epic Movement di idahong online

OH MY! i look like a bozo!
HAHAHA! White Frilly Top
[from Taiwan] Floral Print
Jacket [from Taiwan] Mango
Black Skinny Pants Nude Flats [from Taiwan] I'm sure
you've never seen me
acting like a clown in
pictures! :] hahaha. My outfit
was very casual as I went out
with my friends to watch a movie! I watched Insidious!
OH MY! Honestly, I am not a
horror movie type of person!
[I get scared very easily!]
HEHE. And I still don't
know how my friends talked me into watching that movie!
However, a lot of my friends
said that Insidious wasn&#
39;t as scary as they...Lainnya >>>

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